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About Us

We believe strongly in the benefits of Emu Oil

Winstin the Emu riding in the trailer

Greetings friends,

I’m Sharon, and with the help and support of my wonderful husband Roger, we own and operate Bedrock Emu Works, a small Emu ranch and business located in the beautiful Sierra foothills town of historic Placerville, California

The Bedrock Emu Works Story

In 1993 while looking for something to occupy some of my time when our son started school, I answered an add to help an elderly couple with their housekeeping. That job lead me down the hill to their daughter and son-in-laws Emu ranch. I worked with Tom, who taught me all aspects of emu ranching. I was given a pair of Emus, named Wilber and Charlotte. We ranched together until 1997, when they moved out of the area. Tom was an Emu mentor, and remains a good friend.

We moved our birds to property owned by fellow ranchers. It was a very generous offer, as we live in town and have no place for birds. There Bedrock Emu Works was born. We believe very strongly in the benefits of Emu Oil, and appreciate that we can utilize the whole bird. We sell our products at farmers markets and local events. We have a great marketing tool…a 10-year-old hand raised Emu named Winstin. She, yes Winstin is a she, walks on a leash and loves to be petted. She is good for opening a conversation, which allows us to educate people on Emu Oil and other products that come from Emus. We take Winstin to the farmers market in Auburn on Saturdays and to Grandpa’s Cellar #17, in Apple Hill, on weekends in October. Click here full list of Farmer’s Markets, Events and Festivals we will be attending.

The Emu industry has faced challenges throughout the years. Birds were raised, but no real market was developed. Co-ops came and went, and most of the large ranches in our area went out of business. We did benefit from some of those ranchers, who kindly gave us breeding stock and product. Much Thanks for their passion and hard work promoting the Emu. There is now a growing concern over the limited supply of emu fat, as the demand for oil grows worldwide. There is also a need for USDA plants in California, that can process Emus, or allow ranchers to sell farm butchered meat from their ranches. Though we’re a small ranch with 23 free-range birds, 11 which are breeders, we remain dedicated to the industry and hope a new generation of Emu ranchers will come aboard in the near future.

We will continue to provide and educate people on the benefits of Emu oil and products. We hope one day to move our ranch to property of our own and look forward to traveling, when Roger retires, to different events around the country.

We wish to thank the faithful customers who have supported our business and our family through the years, and look forward to meeting new customers in the years to come.

Here’s To Emus!

Sharon & Roger

Bedrock Emu Works Ranch in Placerville, California

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