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treating eczema with emu oil

Eczema treated with Emu Oil

Eczema is a chronic skin disorder, characterized by red, itchy skin Dr. Dan Dean of Dan C. Dean D.O. & Associates in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, frequently used Emu Oil on his patients suffering from various conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, burns, sore joints, arthritis, colitis, abrasions, scars, and as a post surgery wound application.

AEA Emu Oil Burn Wound Study

Emu Oil Burn Wound Study

The American Emu Association study involving Emu Oil and Healing Burn Wounds The AEA began working with Dr. John Griswold, Director of Timothy J. Harnar Burn Center (affiliated with Texas Tech University Medical Center in Lubbock), during early 1995. A four to six month study was agreed upon to analyze the potentially effective involvement of emu oil in the healing…

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Arthritis and Joint Pain Points

Emu Oil and Arthritis

Anti-Arthritic Activity of Emu Oil Like many “present day” breakthroughs, the advantages of Emu oil were discovered long ago by a primitive people in Australia. For hundreds of years, the Aborigines benefited from Emu oil to eliminate the pain of swollen joints. Scientists and doctors became curious when they saw painful arthritis was largely absent in a majority of Aboriginal…

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Emu Oil

The Composition of Emu Oil

Dr. Leigh Hopkins, a member of the AEA Oil Standards team, offers this perspective on the composition of Emu Oil. Emu oil is composed of a saponification fraction called triglycerides, an un-saponifiable fraction composed primarily of the sterol, cholesterol, and some degraded oil which is measured by the fatty acid fraction. The triglycerides are a compound which is composed of…

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Emu Oil Patents

Emu Oil Patents in the United States

Below is a list of current U.S. Patents for Emu Oil Emu Oil formulations for the Treatment of Damaged Skin Patent No. 7,476,379 ┬áPearson, et al, January 13, 2009 Emu Oil based compositions for Mental Well-Being Patent No. 6,951,658 ┬áPearson, et al, October 4, 2005 Emu Oil use in Analgesic, Anesthetic and Antipruritic Formulations Patent No. 6,528,040 ┬áPearson, et al,…

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Bedrock Emu Works grade A, fully refined AEA certified emu oil

Common Uses for Emu Oil

Dermatologists, Cosmetic Surgeons, Health Care Professionals, and Families Use Emu Oil Here are some examples for common uses of Emu Oil: heal psoriasis relieve eczema promote healing prevent scarring reduce swelling stimulate hair growth sooth and heal keloids prevent latex dermatitis relieve contact dermatitis skin moisturizer calm flare-ups from rosacea diminish symptoms of gout diminish acne inflammation soothe radiation treated…

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