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Common Uses for Emu Oil

Dermatologists, Cosmetic Surgeons, Health Care Professionals, and Families Use Emu Oil

Here are some examples for common uses of Emu Oil:

  • heal psoriasis
  • relieve eczema
  • promote healing
  • prevent scarring
  • reduce swelling
  • stimulate hair growth
  • sooth and heal keloids
  • prevent latex dermatitis
  • relieve contact dermatitis
  • skin moisturizer
  • calm flare-ups from rosacea
  • diminish symptoms of gout
  • diminish acne inflammation
  • soothe radiation treated skin
  • hasten healing of hemorrhoids
  • hasten healing of cosmetic peels
  • carry medication into the bloodstream

Arthritis sufferers and Diabetics use Emu Oil to:

  • lessen discomfort of rheumatism
  • relieve pain of arthritis and bursitis
  • ease the pain of diabetic neuropathy

Hard working people use Emu Oil to:

  • revive tired muscles
  • prevent razor burn and nicks
  • condition dry and damaged hair
  • moisturize cracked and chapped skin
  • prevent blistering from sun exposure

Athletes and Athletic Trainers use Emu Oil to:

  • soften callused feet
  • relieve Achilles tendonitis
  • relieve pain from shin splints
  • lessen discomfort of sprains
  • relieve sports related injuries
  • relieve sports related injuries
  • protect skin from chlorine irritation
  • relieve pain and strain of “over-doing”

Pet Owners use Emu Oil to:

  • condition skin and coat
  • reduce irritation of flea bites
  • relieve eczema on dogs
  • helps heal wounds faster with less scarring
  • reduces swelling and soreness in joints of horses, especially fetlocks

Moms and Dads use Emu Oil to:

  • relieve menstrual pain
  • relieve and heal diaper rash
  • heal minor cuts and scrapes
  • alleviate itching of bug bites
  • relieve poison ivy symptoms
  • soothe sunburns
  • heal canker sores and cold sores
  • stop itching and burning of rashes
  • moisturize face and body after bathing
  • relieve dry, irritated nasal passages
  • reduce stretch marks on thighs and abdomen

Cosmetologists and Massage Therapists use Emu Oil to:

  • lessen under eye puffiness
  • reduce appearance of age spots
  • diminish appearance of fine lines
  • enhance benefits of massage therapy
  • soften dry cuticles and promote healthy nails

Contact us to try our Pure Refined Emu Oil, and learn for yourself the amazing benefits it can offer your body.



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