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Here are some of the most common Emu questions we get at local Farmers’ Markets

Bedrock Emu Works at a Farmers' Market
Q) What is an Emu?

A) A large flightless bird with a long neck and legs, and can reach running speeds up to 31 mph. The Emu is native to Australia. There are reports the Emu was first sighted by European explorers in 1696 when they made a brief visit to the coast of Western Australia.

Q) Is an Emu like an Ostrich?

A) Yes. The Emu is the second largest bird in the world and its relative, the Ostrich, is the largest bird in the world.

Q) What is Emu Oil?

Q) What are the uses and reasons to use Emu Oil?

A) Emu Oil’s moisturizing and healing properties make it perfect for moisturizing, antibacterial, dry skin, scars, bites, stings, rashes, to speed up healing, arthritis, as a carrier for medications and herbs into the blood stream, and much more. See our blog post on reasons to use Emu Oil for 50 different uses.

Q) How many people will one Emu Egg feed?

A) 3 to 4 people

Q) How big is an Emu Egg?

A) About the size of a grapefruit and in the shape of a football

Q) How do you apply Emu Oil?

A) Emu Oil should be gently applied by rubbing onto the affected areas or treatment areas.

Q) Is Emu Oil Safe

A) Yes, it is even safe for children, the elderly, and even your pet!

Q) What is AEA Certified Emu Oil?

A) AEA stands for the American Emu Association.

Q) How big do Emus grow?

A) An Emu can grow up to 6 feet 6 inches in height.

Q) How many eggs do Emu lay?

A) 5 to 11 eggs per clutch.

Q) How heavy is an Emu?

A) Emu weight can range from 40 to 121 pounds.

Q) Can you keep an Emu in the house?

A) Although some Emus are friendly, they are outside birds with their own house! In the wild, they roam the land.

Q) What color are Emus?

A) Soft Brown

Q) Where do Emus come from?

A) Emus are native to Australia

Q) What are the benefits of Emu Oil?

A) The most scientifically researched benefits showed Emu Oil as an anti-inflammatory, reducer of arthritis symptoms, can speed up healing on scars and wounds, and has been shown to help reduce bad cholesterol. Many people will testify to the amazing moisturizing properties and lessening appearance of wrinkles.

Q) Can I pet Winstin, ‘Bedrock Emu Works’ pet Emu?

A) Yes, but please pet Winstin slowly and on her back. You will love the way her feathers feel on your hands!

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