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About Emu Feathers

Emu Feathers are UniqueEmu Feathers
Emu feathers are very unique. Every quill splits into two feathers. The top feather is usually larger than the bottom feather. Emus use their feathers for insulation and protection, not flight. The feathers tend to be more downy at the quill end of the feather, providing more warmth for the birds.

Emu Feather Earrings

All our earrings are all custom handmade with feathers from our Emus at Bedrock Emu Works ranch. Earrings make great gifts for any occasion. Call (530) 622-6236 to place your order today.

Handmade Emu Feather EarringsEmu Feather EarringsBedrock Emu Works Handmade Earrings
$13.00– 3 small beads / 6 feathers
$15.00 – 5 small beads / 6 feathers
$20.00 – larger beads / 6 feathers

Emu Neck, Wing and Upper Leg Feathers

These feathers range from about 1 1/4 inch to 3 inches in length. Color varies from white to grey. Tips can be pointed, or rounded. No two feathers are alike. Bags will contain feathers of similar size, and color. Great for crafts, jewelry, fishing flies, and decoration.

Emu Neck, Wing, and Upper Leg Feathers

Price $4.00 per bag

Emu Tail Feathers

The Emu tail feathers are very course and bristly. A mature tail feather can measure around 16 inches in length. When shaken, they make a rustling sound. Tail feathers are sold in bundles or packages of 10 quills (20 feathers)

Emu Tail Feathers
$12.00 – All mature long feathers
$10.00 – Feathers in various lengths
$10.00 – All short feathers

Emu Feather Dusters

Emu feathers make wonderful dusters. They have a natural static that collects and holds dust. Shake to release dust, which is best done outside! Each duster is unique, feathers and beads vary.

Emu Feather Dusters
$15.00Large Duster (about 24 inches long from tip of feathers to end of handle. Handle has loop for hanging. Contains approximately 360 feathers)
$10.00Small Duster (about 17 inches long from tip of feathers to end of handle. Contains approximately 280 feathers)

Our Emu Eggs and Pricing

Our Free-Range Emus lay dozens of eggs every year. The eggs are about the size of a grapefruit and shaped like a football. Emu eggs are excellent for eating and can be used for decorations, ornaments, carvings and crafts. The Emu egg comes in several shades of greenish black. Our birds lay a beautiful variety of eggs from greenish, blackish to blueish.

Emu Eggs
Hillary’s Eggs  –  $8.00 each
Bopp’s Eggs  –  $8.00 each
Mildred’s Eggs  –  $10.00 each
Margret’s Eggs  –  $10.00 each
Za Za’s Eggs  –  $10.00 each

Pure Emu Oil

Bedrock Emu Works grade A, fully refined AEA certified emu oil

*See our GRADE ‘A’ Pure Refined and Certified Emu Oil
*See Common Uses for Emu Oil

If you would like to purchase our Emu Eggs, Feathers or Handmade Jewelry, please Contact Us so we can get it shipped to you today!

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