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Bedrock Emu Works Oil

Here are testimonials on the benefits of Emu Oil from some of our satisfied customers


Recently I had major surgery that left long incision scars. Several weeks before my surgery, I started applying pure refined Emu Oil from Bedrock Emu Works. Post surgery I continued to apply the Emu Oil on the scars. I noticed amazing and quick healing on these scars. Even my doctor noticed how things were healing very quickly. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results of using Emu Oil.  – Jodie, San Diego, California

I started using Emu Oil on my face every morning just before I applied my daytime face lotion. I noticed my skin getting softer and looking MUCH younger within a few days. I am a huge fan of Emu Oil…so I also started taking the softgel capsules for general internal health. I feel great! – Patty, South Lake Tahoe, California

I have been using Bedrock Emu oil on my face for years now and at 73 my skin is soft with very minimal wrinkles. – Gail, California

My daughter introduced me to Emu Oil a few months ago. I tried it on my face as a moisturizer and to lessen the appearance of wrinkles, and the oil did wonders. I will be ordering more Emu Oil in the future! – Carolyn, Ramona, California

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